Principal of Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia, Kajang

Welcome to Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia, Kajang!

At Rafflesia, our ethos and values revolve around challenging and nurturing every individual student. It is a place we have committed ourselves to strive for academic attainment and personal wellbeing. Hence it is important that we provide a happy and safe environment within in which our students can experience learning opportunities beyond the classroom so that they can become independent and responsible learners.

Young people are the very heart of the school. We want our students at Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia, Kajang to flourish and enjoy their time at school and achieve their full potentials in other areas of school life too such as in Sports and Arts. The success of a student cannot be measured only by their academic success alone, but also by the development of their social and interpersonal skills. Therefore, we aim to provide holistic opportunities to ensure students have the skills to communicate, be resilient, adaptive and creative.

Through the quality of the teaching and learning, close partnership between students, parents and staff, we can create the building blocks of success for our students.

Our commitment is to add value to each student by helping them to achieve academic success and joy of learning in Rafflesia!

Principal of Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia, Puchong

Primary education is the most crucial phase of a child’s life. It shapes them into becoming a better thinker, learner and human being. Anchoring on our belief that every child can be groomed to achieve learning excellence, we strive to create a conducive and caring haven for developing the wholesome attributes in every child in their moral, emotional, social, cognitive, aesthetic and physical domains.

Literacy and numeracy knowledge and thinking skills are strongly emphasized in Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia Puchong. The school has been putting in significant efforts to develop a vibrant learning environment to enable students to learn in creative and enjoyable ways, yet striking a balance between meaningful learning and assessment.

The key features that make Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia Puchong different from others are:


  • English speaking environment with trilingual emphasis;
  • Appreciation of Performing Arts and STEM through well-designed activities;
  • Nurturing holistically-balanced individuals with global vision;
  • Multiracial School Community;
  • Affordable fees amidst the international learning environment.


Moving forward, we will continue to build on our diversity of strengths and leverage on the strong partnership with our parents to bring out the best in Rafflesians – both academically and in character development.

I look forward to meeting you and your family and the opportunity to lead the learning in this school.

Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.