Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular activities are important to help build and form the social disposition of the students. This is an opportunity for them to further enhance their hidden potentials and talents.
We also believe these activities will help them strike a balance in academic excellence and great personal disposition of the students in line with our holistic education. With these activities, students will be an all-rounded individuals, learning about teamwork, social interaction and leadership skills as well as instilling discipline and social responsibility within themselves.


With the advent of technology, students need to be ICT-savvy and keep abreast with the latest technologies. Here, students will learn both basic and advanced programming skills and engage themselves with projects akin to a real-world environment.


Learning new languages can be quite a challenge but it is also rewarding when you venture into the working world. Here, you will be groomed to understand about foreign languages, literature and history, as well as cultures. This will enable you to appreciate the diversity of the world, and build values of respect and tolerance.


Performing arts allow students to express themselves, enhance their creativity and at the same time, nurture their artistic skills and build their personalities beyond academic excellence. These activities help make them bold and more extrovert, and able to adapt to the challenging workplace in future.


The activities help hone the presentation skills of the students. They will be encouraged to express opinions, challenge the wit of their peers through healthy interaction and learn to listen and accept other opinions and not being arrogant.


It is vital for students to learn to value the environment. With eco-friendly activities like gardening, tree-planting and recycling, students are taught to respect and contribute to Mother Earth. In short, appreciating the gift of nature is part of our learning adventure here.


Outdoor activities like jungle trekking, hiking, canopy walk and camping help develop independence, teamwork and leadership capabilities of the students. They will learn to treasure nature and think out-of-the-box and not learning in the confine of the walls of the classroom.


A good mind starts from having a fit physique. Through sports, students learn to build their self-esteem, unleash their own sporting potentials and build relations with other schools when they compete in a healthy way. In other words, students learn to be an all-rounder.