Online Art Exhibition 2020 Launch

Join us as we continue pushing the boundaries of artistic expression amidst the new normal with the launch of our Online Art Exhibition 2020!

Rafflesia International and Private Schools Puchong

Rafflesia International and Private Schools Kajang

Experience works of art by our students through our Online Art Exhibition by clicking on the following image:

Preparation for Science Week


“Does the colour of food affect our taste?” “Does gender have an effect on human reaction time?”

These are some of the questions that our Year 4 students at Rafflesia International School Kajang sought to answer through the process of the scientific method. They learned about the scientific method, the importance scientific variables, conducted investigations and gathered data on their findings. They certainly enjoyed their journey in science and look forward to sharing it with other young scientists at the school through their video presentations.

The students are certainly enjoying their scientific explorations and they look forward to sharing their results with the others in their video presentations that will be broadcast to other young scientists at school.

First Week of School Reopening | Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia Puchong

It’s all a buzz with our young ones creatively greet each other while maintaining social distancing as they return to school. Despite having to adhere to the SOPs of the new norm, they are extremely happy to be back at school to learn and play with their friends once again! Here they are having fun as they learn about the “Parts of the Body” in Bahasa Malaysia.

Online Learning | Rafflesia International School Kajang

Even as we prepare for our students to return to school, we have been providing highly engaging online learning experience for our students. At Rafflesia International School Kajang for example, our Year 3 students are learning all about water on planet Earth in their final IPC unit of the year: On Tap. This week, they explored the process of cloud formation by creating the “cloud in a jar” experiment at home. Together we also looked at how pollutants such as oil react with water and salt by making lava lamps.

Upon their return to school this week, our young scientists will reflect upon their investigations as they prepare for their Exit Point sharing sessions where they will present what they have learnt to an audience of socially distanced parents.

Year 11 Graduation Ceremony

17 July 2020 was a commemorative day for all of us at Rafflesia International School Puchong, as the Year 11 Graduation Ceremony took place amidst the new normal. We are truly proud of how far they have all come and their achievements with us. As they prepare for the next big step, we wish them all the best!

A Visit From the MOE

As the reality of the new normal slowly sinks in, our students have been very cooperative in adhering to them. During a surprise visit from the MOE at Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia Puchong, they gleefully acknowledged our students for their SD-HATs creative social distancing method. It was a priceless photo session that they will remember for a long time.

Stay Safe everybody!

School Reopening | Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Puchong

We are excited to finally welcome our Secondary School students back to school. We are well-prepared to ensure that the school is safe and conducive for our students to continue to learn and grow!

Paper Phone Speaker | STEM

Solving real life problems can be really challenging yet fun, especially if students are expected to work from home. STEM concepts and materials that can be found easily at home. Nicole Cheah of Form 2 from Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Kajang came up with a simple Paper Phone Speaker to increase the volume of a normal handphone – a clever invention she created based on her own experience and thorough research.

Quilling | CCA

The art of quilling focuses on one’s fine motor skills, especially in terms of coordination and strength. It is a great way to develop better hand-eye coordination and can also be very therapeutic. Here are some of the amazing 3D quilling artworks by our Quilling CCA students at Rafflesia International School Puchong!



As the excitement of school reopening finally dawns upon the young ones, our SD-HAT Challenge has come to an end and they are ready to put them on once they are back at school. Our Sport Houses – Tiger (Orange), Phoenix (Blue), Qilin (Green) and Dragon (Yellow) – have had tremendous fun with the e-competition and have each collected lots of house points. It is a fun way to ease them into the new normal with social distancing.

Stay safe everybody!