Fun with Science & Art Attack

Kids always have fun at Rafflesia, even if it means coming to school on weekends! Here they are enjoying themselves with science at our Kajang campus and art at our Puchong campus on Saturday!

Want let your child be part of the educational fun? We will be having special workshops like these every week, so look out for the next ones and call us to RSVP!


For the first time in Rafflesia’s history, RISP, RISK, SRR and SMR held a joint Sports Day. Cheered on by their parents, teachers and fellow students, our students gave it their all in an epic display of true sportsmanship and team work! The day ended with over 400 medals being won and impressive achievements.

Congratulations to all the participants, and thank you all students, parents and teachers for making this event a success!


IMG-20180717-WA0011Want the best school for your children?
We will be having a free trial class for children aged 6 to 8 years old!

Date: Saturday, 21 July 2018
Time: 10:30am – 11:30am
Location: Rafflesia International and Private Schools Puchong

*Limited seats available
Call 03-8953 9088 to sign up for our free trial class and find out why so many parents have made us their school of choice for their kids!

See you there!

Hong Kong Excursion: Farewell

at an adventure it has been!
Here are our students on their last day of their Hong Kong excursion. They have learned, played, explored, and had a ton of fun throughout the trip. Now we bid farewell to Hong Kong and say hello to home sweet home!

Hong Kong STEM Excursion

Here are more highlights from the Hong Kong Excursion that our students are on as we speak!

Video Game Development

Students were introduced to video game development using simple programming language. They started with a plan and scenario for the game scenes, then transferred it into programming where they managed to develop their own game!


Physical Education Workshop

Hong Kong STEM Excursion: Physical Education
Ever used a jumping power energy calculator and body composition calculator?
Our students were lucky enough to attend a workshop where they tested out and learned about such equipment! Our students visited Chai Wan campus where they were given a tour of the multi-purpose library, where they were received by the Executive Vice President, Ir Dr Lawrence W Chen, followed by the Physical Education workshop.

Food Science

Our students learned how to make healthy ice cream using Chinese herbs. They also learned how to make tea using ultra sound and tasted the difference in tea that was brewed with boiling water compared to ultra sound.
The day ended with them making coffee soap as way to learn how to reduce, recycle and reuse food waste. It was a deliciously educational day!

Second Annual Fun Run @ RIS Puchong

30 June: This adrenaline-filled event saw parents, children and teachers run together to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for charity!

Hong Kong STEM excursion: day 2

Our students had the opportunity to conduct experiments as part of an actual research on fermentation using Biomass to recycle polluted water. They also conducted a first-hand experiment on Chemical Oxygen Demand.

Our students enjoyed lots of cool experiences during their Hong Kong excursion. Among the highlights was when they got a chance to develop their own storyboard and VR video production! On top of being extremely stimulating, the hands-on experience at the workshop was very good exposure and a very enjoyable to say the least!

Hari Raya Celebration 2018

RISK and SMR enjoyed an exciting Raya celebration with a myriad of activities!

The primary and secondary school students performed a Malay cultural dance played traditional musical instruments to everyone’s delight. Of course, the scrumptious food and drinks contributed by the parents were also a highlight worth mentioning!

Hong Kong STEM excursion: Day 1

Our students were given a tour of THEi labs, including the Environmental Lab, VR Studio, Healthcare Mock Room, Technology Cooking Lab, 3D Printing Lab – to prepare them for a hands-on workshop which will start tomorrow with waste water recycling and VR production. The day ended with a dinner hosted by the good folks of THEi.

Our Ping Pong Champ is Back in Action

Huan Xin, our all-time Rafflesian Ping Pong champ is back in action!

She has won 3rd place in the Girls under 10 category of the Ping Pong Competition at Johor (PJ HOPE UNION) on Saturday, 9th June, 2018. She and her team also emerged champions in the under 12 (mixed) category of the Ping Pong Competition organised by Persatuan Huian Quangang Klang from 30/6 – 1/7.

Huan Xin will be representing Selangor in the coming MILO Malaysia Hopes Table Tennis Championships 2018 which will be held from 29/11/18 – 2/12/18 in Sabah.

Good Luck, Huan Xin! We wish you all the best and thank you for making us all proud!