International Day Moments

It was a day filled with fun. The annual celebration aimed to make students understand we need to accept and respect each other’s differences to empower solidarity and harmony to live and act united. The performance videos are here for your viewing.


Rafflesia International School Puchong – International Day Celebration 20/21

Living together in peace and unity is all about accepting differences and having the ability to respect and appreciate others.

Rafflesia International School Puchong celebrates the Annual International Day, 9th April 2021. Students shared their culture to empower solidarity and harmony to live and act united.


Happy Chinese New Year 2021

Greetings from the Rafflesia International & Private Schools staff and students. Our students join in to share their joy of the celebration. May your year be filled with an abundance of smiles and laughter, we hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Happy Chinese New Year.


Our Special CNY Video!

Happy Chinese New Year from the management and staff of Rafflesia International and Private Schools! May you stay safe and enjoy good health this year of the Ox!

Coffee Mornings with Our Parents

We at Rafflesia believe a strong partnership with parents will make a significant difference in our children’s education. As partners, we share the responsibilities for our children’s success. Here we are during one of our Coffee Mornings at Rafflesia International School Puchong.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Rafflesia International School Kajang has been a fun one. Our students enjoyed a ‘Mooncake pot-luck’ and participated in a performance programme in the school Lecture Theatre which was beautifully adorned with festive decorations. With social distancing in place, we were entertained by some lively and highly engaging performances that helped us to appreciate the value of family unity. We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe time with your families.

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

Dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and brimming with excitement, our students at Rafflesia International School Puchong celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival in style! The school was extra colourful, thanks to the beautiful lanterns and festive decorations that were handmade by our students from recycled materials. This wonderful experience was a great way for children to learn about traditional values through fun and creativity.

AI and Robotic Education Programme now in Rafflesia Schools

The carefully structured AI programme will be an important part of the school curriculum and will enable students to develop essential coding and programming skills with meaningful links to learning in other subjects such as Maths and Science. With a strong focus upon higher order thinking skills, the programme will enable learners to make complex calculations, formulate links in learning and analyse data from their exciting discoveries.


In doing so, it is part of our mission to ensure that students are fully prepared with the skills that they need to thrive as international citizens in our rapidly changing world.

International Day Celebration

The last day of school for the 19/20 academic year at Rafflesia International School Puchong ended with a colourful International Day celebration. As part of our focus on character building for our students, we emphasised on Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, reduce inequality, and protect our planet – three key aspects that will enhance our well-being and happiness. The International Day was truly a fun and educational one of everyone involved.

Online Art Exhibition 2020 Launch

Join us as we continue pushing the boundaries of artistic expression amidst the new normal with the launch of our Online Art Exhibition 2020!

Rafflesia International and Private Schools Puchong

Rafflesia International and Private Schools Kajang

Experience works of art by our students through our Online Art Exhibition by clicking on the following image: