Perikemanusiaan Membentuk Masyarakat Sejahtera

As part of their Moral Education, Form 4 students from Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Kajang learnt about humanity and how it will support a peaceful society. As part of their in-depth lesson, they researched International Humanitarian Laws and created posters with themes that promote peace, fairness and anti-war sentiments. With their use of Google Slides for this project, they had the opportunity to collaborate in their learning space and to explore the potential benefits of using digital posters. Overall, this was a great learning experience and they had fun while they were at it!


Secondary Star of the Week | Deetthea Santhara Rao

We are delighted to announce our Secondary Star of the Week at Rafflesia International School Kajang – Deetthea Santhara Rao! We love highlighting the achievements of our students to motivate them to be the best that they can be. Well done, Deetthea!


Primary Star of the Week | Keith Ang

Keith Ang of Year 2 is our Primary Star of the Week at Rafflesia International School Kajang. Congratulations on doing so well! You have certainly set a great example for other students to follow!


Mother’s Day Art

To celebrate Mother’s Day, our students from Sekolah Menengah Rafflesia Kajang created special works of art using the Chinese Ink Blowing and rubbing techniques. “Thank you mum! We still love you very much even though we have not accepted your friend requests! 🤣❤️”

House of Public Speaking Competition

Passionate, talented and truly a spectacle to behold: Our students did us all proud and inspired us with their impassioned, thought-provoking speeches in the House of Public Speaking competition.

Held in front of hundreds of students at our Kajang campus this morning, this competition has left us hopeful and optimistic about the great potential in every student that we are constantly striving to realise!

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