About us.

Welcome to Rafflesia International & Private Schools

There is a saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. At Rafflesia, your child will embark on a lifetime journey of learning infused with the good old traditional values of the East and the advancement of the West.

Together with our quality teachers, their first step in education will be filled with excitement as they are part of our Rafflesia family in a well-facilitated environment equipped with the latest ICT facilities.

Here, we focus on not just academic excellence but also on building great personality of students. With holistic education, we guide them to discover themselves, learning to be respectful, tolerant, discipline and above all, ready to face the challenges in the world. In short, we aim to build the future generation of global leaders.

So whether you are a parent or student, we welcome you to be part of this exciting Rafflesia educational journey to success.

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