Our young Rafflesians appeared on RTM 1 this morning!

Making us all proud once again, they talked about preparations on the upcoming Rafflesia Art Exhibition. Aptly titled “Metamorphosis” which symbolizes our young artists’ evolution from amateurs to professionals, the art exhibition will be held from 10am – 4pm on 11 May 2019 at Rafflesia International and Private Schools Puchong campus.


Well done to our students:

1. Ranea Syed Rusliza Year 4
2. Jasmine Isabel Johnson Year 4
3. Voo Tean Yong Year 7
4. Lakshman Nair A/L Birakasan Year 7
5. Khalyani Year 8
6. Chew Ying Pei (Elizabeth) Year 4

See you at Metamorphsis!

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