Hong Kong STEM Excursion

Here are more highlights from the Hong Kong Excursion that our students are on as we speak!

Video Game Development

Students were introduced to video game development using simple programming language. They started with a plan and scenario for the game scenes, then transferred it into programming where they managed to develop their own game!


Physical Education Workshop

Hong Kong STEM Excursion: Physical Education
Ever used a jumping power energy calculator and body composition calculator?
Our students were lucky enough to attend a workshop where they tested out and learned about such equipment! Our students visited Chai Wan campus where they were given a tour of the multi-purpose library, where they were received by the Executive Vice President, Ir Dr Lawrence W Chen, followed by the Physical Education workshop.

Food Science

Our students learned how to make healthy ice cream using Chinese herbs. They also learned how to make tea using ultra sound and tasted the difference in tea that was brewed with boiling water compared to ultra sound.
The day ended with them making coffee soap as way to learn how to reduce, recycle and reuse food waste. It was a deliciously educational day!

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